I'm a Manitoba based photographer who travels across Canada to photograph swim meets of all caliber. 
When I'm not at the pool capturing some awesome memories, I love adventuring outdoors and traveling to new places, watching my favourite shows This Is Us, Friends and Grey's Anatomy, or hang out with my awesome sisters.
I used to live at the pool myself growing up,
so I know what it's like! 

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I'm Renee Kardash.

(and no, I'm not related to the Kardashians, lol!)

Hey there!

I put my heart and soul into capturing these special moments for you.
There's nothing I love better than freezing them in time for
YOU to be able to cherish for a lifetime.

what I do

Throughout the year I attend swim meets nation wide and capture all those special moments throughout the week.
Everything from behind the block before the race, the action in the middle, and those special face expressions after the race is over.


I set up a booth the last day of the competition with about 17 computers so you can easily browse
 for your swimmer.

Everything is categorized by session, event and heats for easy viewing.
Once you find your kiddo you can order those awesome photos right then and there, using the provided order forms.

Once I'm home I organize all the orders and you'll get your special delivery in the mail within a few weeks!

Read more about that journey here!

I capture every fleeting moment at swim meets and create tangible, lifelong keepsakes which otherwise would be forgotten.