If you have any other questions that were not answered here, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask!

As much as I love my job and love capturing these amazing moments at the pool, swim meet weeks are absolutely EXHAUSTING.

I used to photograph EVERYTHING, and then when I realized I was burning out I had to cut back a bit. The long distance events are usually at the end of the session, so they're the first to get cut if I cannot complete the entire session.

6) Why do you sometimes not photograph the long distance events like 400/800/1500 free?

When I'm photographing swim meets, I'm basically superwoman for the week. Meaning, I take pictures of everyone! 
I try my best to capture all the swimmers on deck in action whether it be cheering, behind the blocks anticipating their race, or in the water swimming their hearts out. 99.9% of the time I get something of every single swimmer.

Please remember though that I am ONE person. I try my best to be superwoman, and I do capture A LOT of photos, but I cannot 100% guarantee that your child will be photographed.

However, you CAN phone or email me before the swim meet even starts (or as the competition weekend is going on), and request specific photos of your kiddo.

5) Do you take photos of everyone, or do I have to request for you to take photos of my child?

Nope! I travel anywhere and everywhere you want me. I started off only in Manitoba, but since then have grown this nation wide.

 I am willing to travel anywhere and everywhere to attend a meet for YOU if you're not from my province, so please, if you want me there let me know! The more demand I get, the more likely it is that I'll be able to get out to you :)

4) Do you photograph swim meets only in Manitoba?

This will vary depending on my work load at the time, but I try and keep it within 1 week for the digitals and within 3 weeks for delivery of the products by mail. For people outside of Manitoba (specifically further to the West and East coast), when I ship something that takes a couple days to be delivered within Manitoba, it will be longer to reach you.

I do my best to get your orders in your hands as quickly as possible, but please remember that your order is not my only one. The process from start to finish takes some time, and I am always working my fastest.

3) How long will it take to receive my order?

A couple reasons for this. If the digital image isn't watermarked with my logo, it could be stolen by anyone and claimed as their own. These digitals are going on the internet, and if another photographer finds it they can take it and pass it off as theirs. Having a watermark on the digital is of course a way to honour who the photo is taken by, letting others who view your photos see that I'm the photographer.
It also allows me to have control over the printing quality, make adjustments if needed before I print it, and of course help YOU get actual tangible prints in your hands! Photos are meant to be printed, and often times the value of that isn't seen unless it's given directly to you.

2) Why don't you offer non watermarked digital files?

I used to do this - in fact, if you've been around for a while you'll know that this is actually the sole way I used to offer viewing and purchasing of my photos. Simply put, this system in every way did not work.

I was finding out that my images were being screenshot and not paid for, but in most cases people wanted the photos but simply weren't getting around to it. Life would get busy, so viewing and purchasing the photos would get put on the back burner.

 I work very long and exhausting hours during competitions, so to do all that work and have these great images, only to have people not follow through with the ordering, just wasn't working anymore. 

So because of these as the main reasons, I came up with the method of what I do now. I have a booth with about 13 computers, and here parents and swimmers can come by on the last day of the meet to view and purchase the photos right then and there.

Since I've switched things up to this new method the changes I've seen in every aspect have been amazing! I am able to keep doing what I love, keep making it better for YOU, and get you amazing images you can cherish.

1) Why don't you offer open online viewing to be available after the swim meet?

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